AI & Connected Campus Conference

AI & Connected Campus Conference

Nov 3-5, 2019 | DoubleTree Universal Studios | Orlando, FL

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Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Machine Learning, Big Data and Connected Services. In order to thrive in the next decade, your school must deliver a personalized student and campus experience – voice activated, in augmented reality. A system to identify and implement continuous efficiencies needs to be delivering results. And the necessary groundwork must be laid with security, finance and compliance in mind.

PDG’s AI and Connected Campus Conference brings together experts from schools and industries on the leading edge of innovation, security and planning to explore today’s best approaches to the demands and rewards of tomorrow. From smart dorms to campus security to strategic automation, the key to success involves collaboration and investment across department lines, and partnerships with industry and government.

Join us Nov 3 - 5 in Orlando, Florida as we examine the practical steps necessary to implement artificial intelligence and the internet of things on your campus and ensure a safe, robust and successful future. 


Key Benefits 

  • Stay up to date with current and emerging technology innovations in AI, IoT, mobile and wearable tech and bots 

  • Gain key insight from data for servicing student accounts, registration, success and retention

  • Working with current existing campus technology and technology budgets while still maintaining competitive advantage

  • Utilize design thinking principles to understand user experiences

  • Develop strategic action plans

  • Authentic leadership skills for implementation  

  • Network with fellow Higher Education Technology Strategists 

  • Balance the complex scale of customer service with compliance and privacy

  • Recognize vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure

  • Leverage process automation to gain immediate efficiencies  

  • Synergize physical and cyber security for optimal performance and safety

  • Tackle challenges with cloud security as more and more devices become connected


85% of consumer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

Source: Gartner

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Proposed Topics

  • IT Architectural Design and Planning for the next Generation Z and Alpha generation students

  • Process Automation and Efficiency - Integration strategies for AI, connected services, and enterprise software systems for improved efficiency

  • Best Practices in AI & Connected Services for personalized student and campus experiences

  • Leveraging big data for servicing student accounts, registration, student success and retention

  • Developing and improving both physical and cyber security systems and habits

  • Best practices in campus compliance and privacy  

  • Leveraging interpersonal skills to build and navigate interdepartmental and 3rd party partnerships and buy in


 Who Should Attend?

  • Senior level technology leaders in higher education

  • Leaders with responsibility for planning, designing and implementing technology to serve their institution

  • Appropriate titles: Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Information Technology, Risk and Compliance Directors, Information Security Professional, IT Security Analyst, Treasurer, Business Analyst and Executives (C-Suite)